Scottish Enterprise (SE) is supporting 20 established entrepreneurs to help them accelerate the growth of their business and develop their personal potential as the leader of a scalable business.

Entrepreneurs on the SE programme will receive intensive wrap-around support from a dedicated Programme Account team of business development and technical specialists, access to a Financial Readiness expert, SE’s international market research unit and a fast-track into SE/SDI account management products and services. In addition, each entrepreneur on the SE programme receives a £25,000 grant award at the outset of the programme with the opportunity to apply for further grant funding. The total package of support is worth over £100,000 per entrepreneur.

In addition to the direct support provided by their Programme delivery organisation, the Unlocking Ambition cohort receives i) free Membership of Entrepreneurial Scotland, ii) free Membership of Scotland House in London, iii) exclusive access to high profile entrepreneur exemplars at Round Table meetings, iv) at least one international visit to build international connections and v) access to a series of 4 world-class Purpose-Driven Enterprise masterclasses

Meet the SE Cohort

Scottish Enterprise UA Programme

What’s involved?

What do they say?

The fact that our country is doing this is great. You speak to people from other countries who are entrepreneurs and these kinds of programmes and support system doesn’t exist. Being part of this cohort makes me incredibly proud. Looking around the table, there’s some brilliant businesses there so I’m going to learn from them and already we’re having conversations where I’ve shared a particular issue we’ve been having and am learning from people who have had the same issue and importantly, how they’ve handled it.

Hannah Fisher, The Start-Up Drinks Lab

Being part of the Unlocking Ambition programme is really important to us right now at this stage in our evolution. Having access to business skills is so important because we don’t understand logistics and cashflow forecasting and all the systems that you need in place to manage stock, so having access to that is great. But actually, hanging out with the group of like-minded entrepreneurs who are all very ambitious to grow their enterprises and the energy that that brings is really amazing.”

Celia Hodson, Hey Girls

It is hugely prestigious and I think giving the access to the speakers, the workshops and of course to the other cohort and the other businesses involved is invaluable, you can’t buy that expertise, so to be part of UA is really exciting for us

Stephanie Terreni Brown, Clean Water Wave

We have a long tradition in Scotland of changing the world through inventions. If you can see the Skyscanners, the Brewdogs, the FanDuels that are out there, that example is only going to filter through to the next generation of entrepreneurs like myself or even younger than me, and we should encourage that and live out everything we have in our potential to make Scotland one of the most enterprising countries in the world.

Alan Mahon, Brewgooder

SE Unlocking Ambition Account Team

The dedicated Unlocking Ambition Account Team works together across the whole portfolio of 20 companies undertaking the SE Unlocking Ambition Programme with collective responsibility for working with the whole group over the course of the 12-month Programme. They will undertake full business reviews; develop bespoke action plans for each of the entrepreneurs; and push the boundaries of Scottish Enterprise’s standard service to try new, innovative ways of supporting entrepreneurial talent.

For the duration of the Programme the SE UA participants are taken into account management and can access Scottish Enterprise and HIE’s full range of support with increased contribution rates on framework products to help accelerate their growth plans. A formalised Growth Plan will be developed by each company with the support of the UA Account Team.

Each SE UA Programme participant receives a £25,000 grant award at the outset of the Programme which they’re free to spend on any aspect of developing themselves as leaders, and growing the business operations. In addition to an array of support delivered through SE and SDI products and services, the UA Participants will be able to apply for further funding in for non-standard projects that the company needs to accelerate growth activity.  Through this, a further grant award will be made available to help them deliver new projects that build their capability to scale the business.

The UA Account Team comprises of Denise O’Connor, Elizabeth Baird, Bill Watt, Trisha Pirie, Iain MacGillivry, Yvonne McLaren-Robertson, Nicola Gibson, Emily Wilson, Rupert Mills, Graeme Clark and Shelley Watt from Scottish Enterprise and Stephanie Andrew and Scott McKnockiter from HIE. 

SE UA 2018-19 Participants

Ian Arbuckle – Managing Director, LINIAN Supply Co Ltd

Kenny Arthur – Managing Director, Kaliaaer Ltd

Paul Blackler – Director & Co-Founder, Drink Baotic

Stephanie Terreni Brown – Managing Director, Clean Water Wave

Scott Dickson – Founder, Phox Water

Iain Findlay – CEO Director, Aurora Sustainability Ltd

Hannah Fisher – New Business and Marketing Director & Co-Founder, The Start-Up Drinks Lab

Calum Haggerty – Director, COCO Chocolatier

Jo Halliday – CEO, Talking Medicines Limited

Celia Hodson – CEO & Founder, Hey Girls

Joan Johnston – Creative Director & Founder, Bespoke Fabrics

Alan Mahon – Managing Director & Founder, Brewgooder

Douglas Martin – Managing Director, MiAlgae

Loral Quinn – CEO & Co-Founder, Sustainably

Steve Regis – COO & Co-Founder, ARX Maritime

John Robertson – CEO, Drinkly

Scott Simpson – Managing Director, IndiNature

Lisa Thomson – CEO & Founder, Purpose HR

Deborah Wake – CEO, MyWay Digital Health

Scott Weir – CEO, Pillow

Contact – E:  /  T: 0300 013 3385


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